About Us

Eduplex Solutions Pvt Ltd is a company formed in 2013 under Indian company act 1956 and conglomeration of group of experienced professionals in diverse non related fields.

Amongst us, we have a wealth of knowledge regarding planning, execution and monitoring of complex individual and institutional missions. We have always been keen educators of younger colleagues on the nuances of the profession.

Eduplex is conglomeration of understandings by pioneers from respective fields; It is to identify the gap between today’s Business & social world as against current education system. It is to explore the ideas in this Fast- changing world, to adapt the best and percolate the same to help current generation to be ready for future.

Sir Einstein said, “when we know our limit, we can go beyond” & “Imagination has no limit”.

Our well-practiced traditions allow us to use the proven methods that ensure great results. The innovative techniques used in the educational process make it interesting and up-to-date. Thus, the traditional and innovative approaches can be combined for the benefit of our students.

The company is set to do projects & consulting, application & tools development and innovative education solutions. It is a company formed to make a difference in this dynamically changing world of business.

Contact us for more information on IT and ITeS services, project consulting solutions and training programme we offer.