Detailed Profile

Dr. Debasish is an advanced surgical practice (Cardiff) and Staff Surgeon in Singleton Hospital, Swansea, UK. He is a Gastro Surgeon with special interests in Colorectal diseases including primary and recurrent cancer of the rectum, inflammatory bowel disease and functional pelvic floor disorders. His special expertise is in laparoscopic approach to the operative interventions required for the specific diseases. He is a trained Endoscopist and offer various diagnostic and therapeutic options for relevant conditions.

Trained in India for Primary Medical Qualification and after that worked primarily in the UK for my Specialist Qualifications. He has spent 3 years in Zimbabwe as a Senior Registrar and very well used to working in resource challenged environment where innovation keeps life and limbs safe. He has a stupendous amount of surgical experience having worked as a Surgeon in 3 different Continents and 4 countries.

He is one of the founder members of ESPL and driving the company on strategic issues. Company is benefited from his vast experience in medical science domain and international exposure. His inputs are very important for making ESPL services & product that of international quality and marketable across the world.