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Projects and consulting business goes in hand-in-hand; more so because of current nature of technology/solution & skill involved. The consulting can be at pre-project, execution stage or post-project evaluation stage and it can be independent or integrated with our project services.

Management consulting is referred to the practice of helping businesses to improve their performance, mainly through the analysis of existing organizational challenges as well as competitive environment. It also involves the development of detailed plan of action for improvement. Organizations may seek the consulting services for a number of reasons which includes gaining external advice and access to the consultants’ specialized expertise.

As Project & Consulting firm, we are also aware about industry “Best Practices” due to our relationships with several organizations. They also provide services like change management assistance, technology implementation, strategy development, operational improvement services and development of coaching skills.

Our model of consulting follows the methodology mentioned below.

Our Key Differentiators

Our model of consulting follows the methodology mentioned below.

  • define the problem and objective
  • Determine the research methology to be used
  • Create Research instrument
  • Perform sampling & conduct data collection
  • Analyze data
  • Present the outputin a structured format